Spring 2018 Course Listing

CLIA GU3660 - Mafia Movies
W - 6:10-8:00pm - Moe
Examines representations of the mafia in American and Italian film and literature. Special attention to questions of ethnic identity and immigration. Comparison of the different histories and myths of the mafia in the U.S. and Italy. Readings includes novels, historical studies, and film criticism.
ITAL GU4503 - Italian Cultural Studies II
T/R - 10:10-11:25am - Moe
Recommended for First-Year Students
An interdisciplinary investigation into Italian culture and society in the years between World War I and the present. Drawing on historical analyses, literary texts, letters, film, cartoons, popular music, etc., the course examines some of the key problems and trends in the cultural and political history of the period. Lectures, discussion and required readings will be in English. Students with a knowledge of Italian are encouraged to read the primary literature in Italian.

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