Language Requirements for Students Entering Fall 2016
Policy on No Exemption from General Education Requirements through Advanced Placement and/or International Baccalaureate Credits (Students Entering Fall 2016)
Students entering Barnard in Fall 2016 and thereafter will receive points of credit for Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) credit, but these credits will not exempt students from General Education Requirements. Further information may be found on the Registrar website:
Language Requirements for Students Enrolled Prior to Fall 2016
The language requirement can be fulfilled with ITAL UN1101-UN1102 and ITAL UN2101-UN2102 (or their equivalents). Students who have taken courses in Italian elsewhere (whether in high school, in college or both) but not at Barnard or Columbia must take the Italian placement test before registering for any Italian course. The test is given during the preregistration period and the first week of classes in 502 Hamilton.
Major Requirements
The courses in Italian are designed to develop proficiency in all the language skills and to present the literary and cultural traditions of Italy. The program of study is to be planned as early as possible.
The following courses are required unless advanced standing is attained by the Department placement examination which will be offered in 509 Hamilton Hall on the Columbia Campus.
ITAL UN1101 - UN1102: Elementary Italian I and II
Introduction to Italian grammar, with emphasis on reading, writing, listening and speaking. No credit is given for UN1101 until UN1102 has been completed. Enrollment is limited to 20 students per section. 4 points
ITAL UN2101 - UN2102: Intermediate Italian I and II
Review of grammar; intensive and extensive reading, composition, and practice in conversation. Prerequisite: UN1102 or the equivalent. Enrollment limited to 20 students per section. 4 points
Ten courses are required for the major, including:
ITAL UN3333-UN3334: Introduction to Italian Literature or ITAL GU4502-GU4503: Italian Cultural Studies I and II
Introduction to literary theory and problems and to in-depth textual analysis. Authors and works from the 13th century to the present; the basic course in Italian literature. Prerequisite: Two years of college-level Italian or the equivalent. Prerequisite: UN2101-2102 or the equivalent. 3 points
ITAL UN3335 - UN3336: Advanced Italian
Written and oral self-expression in Italian; brief papers and oral reports on a variety of topics, including films and literature; grammar review. Prerequisite: UN2101-2102 or the equivalent. 3 points
ITAL UN3993: Seminar in Italian Literature
Required of students with a major or concentration in Italian. Open to other qualified students with permission of departmental representative. 3 points
Minor Requirements
A minimum of five courses is required for the minor, to be selected from courses including and numbered above ITAL UN3333-UN3334.